Rain Out Policy

Generally speaking, soccer is played "rain or shine". However, there are safety and preservation protocols.

PUSC will not play or train in standing water or in dangerous conditions such as heavy downpours, lightning, or hail.

Soccer games will be canceled if the rainfall is so heavy that it restricts the vision of the players. Or the field becomes waterlogged.

In no circumstance should games or training continue if lighting is occurring or predicted.

We want to preserve our grass field to be playable all year long, for as long as possible. Keep in mind that when fields are closed for rain, it is for the safety of the players and the protection of the fields. The general rule is that if there has been 1/2 inch of rain or more on a field in the previous 24 hours, the fields are closed.


Current Status: SEE BELOW

Upper Grass Field @ Oceana: OPEN

Lower Turf Field @ Oceana: OPEN