Field Locations:

Oceana High School has two soccer field locations at 401 Paloma Avenue, Pacifica, CA 94044:

Stadium “Lower” Field for 11 v 11 older teams

This field is located “lower”, because it’s the first (left) entrance off of Paloma Avenue, near the tennis courts.  It’s a turf field and has good bleachers for viewing, and the school does not allow chairs on its track or field.   The parking lot is small, but some street parking is available.  Restrooms are next to the track. 

Grass “Upper” Field for the 7v7 and 9v9 younger teams.

This field is located “upper”, because it’s a bit further “up the hill” on Paloma Avenue, the second (left) entrance .   It’s a grass field that has no bleachers, so (camp/lawn) chairs are encouraged.   There is usually enough parking on the dirt and paved lots.  Please drive slowly and carefully near the fields.

Policies of the school district, campus, and organization include:

  1.  No dogs or other pets (particularly on the field or track).
  2.  For the Stadium (Lower) Field, chairs are NOT allowed on the track or field.  You can bring cushions for the metal bleacher.
  3.   No smoking, alcohol, or glass containers.

Helpful Hints from Pacifica United include:

  1. The “Home” jersey of Pacifica United Soccer Club is dark (navy), so the Away Team typically wears a light jersey.
  2. The “Grass” Upper Field has a portable restroom.  There are several walking points down to the restroom at the “Stadium” football field.
  3. There are several good restaurants nearby for postgame gatherings.  

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